Sunday, December 4, 2011

Winding down....

It is so sad for me to write this, but there's only a week and a half left in Grenoble! That's just the rest of this week in classes and then finals next week. SO SAD. I never want to leave, i love it here! and the people i've met and my family are amazing, i will be so sad to leave them! luckily for me, i get to extend my stay here for a little more than another month. because (drum roll....) MY MOM COMES NEXT WEDNESDAY!!!!!!! in case you can't tell i'm just a tad bit excited to see her. there will most definitely be tears and running towards each other movie moment except for it's me and my mother not me and some long lost love. but yes, next wednesday, i will be done with my finals and my mama rolls in! One word: AWESOME!

Finals should of course be super fun. Been writing papers all week. One for my french seminar class and one for my class on the european union. really feels like exam time now!

But (drum roll please) i have some exciting news for all of you.... i'm staying even longer over here! not for another semester unfortunately, (though i would LOVE to do that!) but i am staying until the 11th of january to travel around europe with alex!!! we'll see places such as florence, venice, croatia, Budapest, Prague, Poland, Berlin, and somewhere else. he's staying another semester so he's gonna travel even more once i head home but the two extra weeks i have to travel will be absolutely fantastic! i am beyond excited. can't wait to travel with my mom and then with alex! SO many adventures to be had!!

I am aware that this is the most random post ever and i'm kind of all over the place so i'm going to continue that theme and go off on another direction. Christmas. it's kind of an awesome holiday where ever you go, people tend to get really into it. France is no different. grenoble has this market called the marche du noel, and it's for pretty much all of December and these little booths have taken over all of victor hugo park, all of place grennette and they sell tons of sweet stuff! christmas shopping made easy pretty much. but they sell food too! crepes, sandwiches, candy, hot wine, so many options! and they have a dancing santa bear which really everyone needs in their life so mine is pretty much complete. if you're ever in grenoble around this time, definitely definitely hit up this market. you won't regret it!

Alrighty, i've gotta head, got to go to class now, LAST CLASS BABY! at 10:20am (my time) i will be done with my semester abroad (at least the classes part done...still got finals) ciao!

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