Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Preparing for France... Almost one month left to go!!!!

This book right here has become my new best friend. Its tests about different verb tenses have helped jog my memory, which was definitely necessary after a summer speaking primarily english!

Since I last posted did some pre-France shopping, got a suitcase, which I definitely needed! All I had was a couple of duffles. Got a coat that is France friendly, somehow I don't think that the fashionable people of France would appreciate my array of L.L. Bean fleece coats... So now all I need is for it to be the 29th of August!!

Well other than following some french people through the grocery store today, nothing really exciting has happened to me in the French realm (other than me buying the verb book!) so au revoir et passez un bon weekend!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Why I chose to study abroad

Studying abroad is literally something I have always wanted to do. I've been taking French since seventh grade and I've always loved it. Living in Northern NH I've gotten some exposure to Francophone culture by Canadians coming down to visit the States. I always got excited when they came into the ice cream shop I work in and would speak to each other in French. I would try so hard to listen in on their conversation, which I am aware is slightly rude and nosey, but it was so much fun and I always got really excited when I understood even a little bit of what they were saying! When my mom took me to Quebec city for their 400th anniversary, my love of the language and of the different culture were strongly solidified. It was so much fun going out to eat and ordering in French and talking to the hitchhiker my mother picked up in the Parc National de la Jacques-Cartier (sorry mom for bringing up the hitchhiking story yet again...). Spending small amounts of time in Canada was great and definitely eye opening but I always wanted to stay longer. I saw how quickly my french progressed when I used it in day to day settings rather than just in the classroom. I think this is probably one of the reasons that I knew I wanted to study abroad. To actually get to live with a French host family and experience their culture in a intimate setting will be truly amazing. Plus the food will be great too. Just a warning to people who will hopefully be reading this, I will talk about food a lot. Food is one of my favorite things and I can't wait to get to eat French bread, croissants, and whatever else they throw at me.

I will get to spend four months in France, studying at the University of Grenoble in Grenoble France. Grenoble is nestled right in the base of the French Alps, which is absolutely the perfect place for me. There will be skiing and hiking and running which will definitely keep me entertained and happy! I am planning on traveling a fair amount around France and a little outside of it as well. I want to see (and eat in) Italy, Greece, and Switzerland. 5 out of 6 of my classes will be taught entirely in French which will definitely be challenging at first but I am so excited for the challenge! I know that as long as I am not worried too much about making mistakes my French will progress this coming semester!

I can't wait to experience everything that France has to offer! My departure date is quickly approaching, August 29th at 7:05pm from Boston! I know that the second August hits I will have a steady countdown going on until I leave!! I completed one of the final steps in going to France today, went to Boston to visit the Consulate General of France to apply for my visa. It was a fairly stressful experience, I had to go to Boston, alone for pretty much the third time in my life ever being in Boston. I left my house at 5am, missed the 7:30am bus I wanted to take and caught the 8:30 one, walked to the Consulate in very hot weather, got lost, and eventually found it. Got asked why I wanted to study abroad in French in french which caught me off guard. But thanks to helpful people in the registars office and my parents for helping me get everything together I had everything I needed to have and now currently write from the C & J's bus on my way back from a successful trip to Boston!! And because I am alone with nothing to do, this became longer than I intended. SO until next time world, have an excellent Monday!