About me!!

My name is Larissa and I am currently 20 years old and a junior at Saint Mike's! I'm from the Mount Washington Valley in Northern New Hampshire. I went to high school at Kennett High School and I chose to stay in New England for college, attending SMC and pursuing a double major in French and Environmental Studies. I am a member of the Nordic team at SMC, (Big Purple!!!) all the members of which I will miss dearly next semester but I'll be back to ski in the winter! I am studying abroad in Grenoble, France at the University of Grenoble. I will study French language and take a variety of classes ranging from Francophone Literature to History of the French Cinema! While in France I will be living with a host family and eat lots and lots of French food! I will definitely miss my SMC family (Pots 226 ladies, you know who you are!) but I am really excited to experience something drastically different from what I am used to and experience a new way of life! So I hope you all enjoy reading about the adventures I will soon have, I know I'll enjoy sharing them!!! So until then, Peace out!