Friday, January 6, 2012

Vienna, Poland, and Prague!

Hey oh,

S'up everybody! I write to you from my homeland. aka the Czech Republic. In Prague. yayyy. we arrived at 6pm this evening. so we haven't really done much exploring yet other than to eat. which was good. now we're chilling in the spacious hotel room. fun fun fun. but here's a little description of what i've been up to the past couple of days...

Vienna was AWESOME. i really really liked it. and not just the fact that i sang sound of music songs the entire time i was there.... it was just really beautiful and stuff like bathrooms were free and there was no service charge and the metro was really nice. plus german people and austrians are kind of awesome. i like the language a lot. i could totally see myself living there someday. just gotta learn german! plus the food was good and the hostel that we stayed in was really nice. plus the train station was the nicest thing ever. we ate there a lot. so GOOD. plus there was shopping and so many things to do just in the train station! cool cool cool!

We headed to poland to see the Auschwitz concentration camps. which in one word was just really depressing. and upsetting. so i guess two words. it was a very powerful experience. really mind blowing. everything is still there. the camp, the death camp. even one of the gas chambers. it was a really disturbing tour sometimes. but it was really mind opening and definitely made the entire holocaust even more real for me.

this morning we headed to Prague. on the world's longest train ride. thank goodness we had rented a movie. go casanova. it was fun to watch a movie where we had already visited (it's based in venice) haven't explored prague yet but we've got metro tickets and i'm sure alex will have me up bright and early tomorrow morning to start exploring!

trip is winding down, prague then berlin then back to france to catch my flight back to the US on the 11th! can't wait to see everyone!

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