Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving in France

Hey everybody!!! So I know that thanksgiving has indeed passed but i thought i would take a second to tell you all about my thanksgiving in France. I had a thanksgiving dinner on the actual day of thanksgiving with my entire group here in France. it was really really good. the chef was actually from england and he did a pretty good job for not being an american. he made really good stuffing and cranberry sauce. and his pumpkin pie was killer. it was still a french meal, with a strange salad and wine and bread served too!

it was on saturday that the first thanksgiving that i have ever made on my own! my host family and two other girls host families are friends so on the first night that we were here, we all ate together. it was this early night in september that they informed us that in november we would get together again and cook them thanksgiving dinner. we didn't really give it much thought until november rolled around and we had to get serious and think about what we wanted to make. it was last saturday, november 26th that the magic went down. Deyla, Kelly, and I (alex came too but not his family) all convened at my house to cook some magic. despite our fears and the fact that it took over 6.5 hours to do all of the cooking, the meal turned out amazing. a little too sugary but literally, the turkey was so good and juicy and the stuffing was so good and the PIE! so yummy. here's some pictures from our cooking party. good times people. good times.
My darling Deyla with the turkey all ready to go in the oven!!! we lathered it in butter, honey, pineapple juice, spices, and plopped it in the oven. actually my host mama plopped it in but regardless, we did everything else!

Alex peeling potatoes like a man.
Our sweet potatoes and marshmallows. aka best most delicious thing ever. So good.
The Cooking ladies. Alex was already getting food. We ate soooooo much!!
The dinner crowd. Minus the kids and minus Sophie my host mama.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Paris Je T'Aime

Bonjour! Terribly sorry about the delay in writing, it's been a busy time here in Grenoble! I wanted to write and tell all of you about my recent visit to the capital of France, PARIS!! it was literally the best trip ever! i loved Paris. It was beautiful on so many levels. I managed to go to a fair amount of places in the four days we were there. it was a ton of walking and my feet hurt an unbelievable amount at the end of each day but it was totally worth it. one of my favorite things that we did whilst there was go to the theater and see Mamma Mia!!! it was in french of course but it was amazing none the less! all of the songs were in french, save some of the words which they didn't translate into french. but it made me really really want to go to Broadway and see it in english. I may or may not have had my computer on repeat afterwards playing Mamma Mia over and over and over again.... :) Here are some of the best pictures from my new favorite places in Paris. I have a ton more, literally like 500 more, so i'll put some up on flickr so you can see more!
Ici, c'est Notre Dame! aka our lady. It was absolutely beautiful. the stained glass in particular was amazing. you can see the circular stained glass window here in the photo but with the light shining through it was absolutely beautiful. we even got to climb up to the tower of the notre dame. it was amazing. such a good view! you could see all of paris's skyline which was just gorgeous. and it's where i got my first view of the eiffel tower which was just amazing. it was super exciting. plus the gargoyles on top of the notre dame were slightly hilarious. there was a pelican and a evil looking one that was sticking his tongue out.
It's the Mona Lisa!! the louvre was amazing. it was so gorgeous. there was so much to see! literally probably only saw around 1/8 of the entire museum. it was a little sad actually because there was so much to see and so little time! we managed to tour about the greek section and see some of the egyptian stuff which was wicked cool. there were some super HUGE paintings that literally took up massive sections of walls. i was impressed on so many levels. i am really excited that my mom is coming here in decemeber and we're going back to Paris because i definitely plan on taking her there and showing her everything and hopefully see some new things!
Kaitlyn, Kelly, Me, and Alex in front of the Louvre! really made me think of the DaVinvi Code because i am fairly certain this was a part of it. and it was also just super awesome. super super awesome. the entire courtyard was immense, so much space and so many people taking pictures of all of the beautiful buildings. it was so cool. there were even armed guards who i imagine that they were there to stop potential art thieves from even thinking about trying to steal anything...

Just a classic Eiffel tower shot.... not sure how the lighting got to be so cool. it was really just twilighty and it was nice. the eiffel tower is also lite up at night which is one of my favorite parts of paris now. it twinkles every hour for ten minutes which is absolutely gorgeous. i was so mad cause every time it was twinkling i was either eating dinner, on a train, in the elevator, on top of the tower, or going back down the tower. so i never got a picture of the beautifulness which makes me really really sad. but i'll be back. so i will make it my goal that i get a picture next time. the eiffel tower is so cool. if you ever go to paris. go there. it's worth it!
l'Arc de Triomphe shot. with sandwiches. super good sandwiches too. best i've had so far which was just so random cause it was this little sandwich shop by the arc. the arc was really cool. you can go underneath down under the street which is really cool and then you plop out onto the bottom part. and there's a monument and you can go up to the top, which we didn't do because we were kind of in a time crunch. but it was really cool. we went to la Defense after this too which was also really cool. enjoyed that a lot. very modern which was cool. different.

Overall i really really enjoyed Paris. it was a gorgeous city. i really really enjoyed visiting there and would definitely recommend it for anyone to visit. also, would like to give a nice shout out to everyone from america, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!! we will be eating thanksgiving at a restaurant tonight, hopefully it will be super delicious! there's supposed to be pumpkin and apple pie which just makes me happy. i and three other students in the programs and our families will be coming to my house on saturday and we will be making our families a classic thanksgiving dinner. which is slightly stressful on a couple of levels. i'm not the strongest cook out there. but i hope that it turns out good cause i want to show them how good it can be! plus they've had students in the past who have done it and they know it can be good. hopefully i don't burn anything. so i hope you all have a wonderful holiday, and remember, you can start playing christmas carols tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you all know i'm in the capital city of France! More to come later..... :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall in Grenoble

Cou cou! Sorry for the delay in writing, it's been an interesting week here in France. Let's just say I got to navigate the french medical system and it was a wee bit stressful! but no worries, feeling much better now! it's finally changing seasons here in Grenoble, switching from summer to fall. it's only taken it two months! and it definitely has days, like last tuesday where summer fights tooth and nail to stay a little bit longer! last weekend was a good time. no trips or anything special, just time to chill with my family and friends. went for a hike up the bastille with alex on tuesday cause it's a national holiday here in france. the entire world was on top of the bastille that day because 1. there was no school/work and 2. it was around 75 degrees and gorgeous outside. here are some fall pictures from tuesday and then some age old food pics :)
Some foliage for you all, Grenoble style. being from northern new england, it's slightly difficult to be impressed by the leaves here. they definitely change but they're nowhere near as bright and colorful as the ones in Jackson! not to toot NH's horn or anything.... cause it's still pretty here!
Here is a CLASSIC grenoble shot. literally classic. these are the boules, or as they are called in anglais, the bubbles! they are like a gondola for all intensive purposes. i've never ridden them up the bastille, only down it. which is totally backwards. most people ride up and walk down. what can i say? i'm a backwards kind of person and i think hiking down is more painful!

This is the blue cheese that i ate after our hike up the bastille. normally i hate blue cheese and think that the flavor and the smell is atrocious and just completely disgusting. however, and i have no idea why, but this blue cheese was delicious! it was so good! me and alex made some smoked ham and blue cheese sandwiches on french french bread for our lunch. yum.
And next comes my absolute obsession with crepes. it's seriously a problem. they're so GOOD! it's hard not to become obsessed and want to spend every single moment possible eating them. you might ask why but then i would just direct you to this picture above. banana split crepe?!? YES PLEASE! when i saw this i was like oh my god i have to get that! even though it's huge and it said partager on it which means it's meant to split. but i ordered it anyway. hats off to the waiter for not judging me like every other french waiter does when i skip eating a meal crepe and go for the dessert ones. thank god alex was there considering i ate maybe half and then was on sugar overload and couldn't eat anymore. he finished it for me, on top of his tarflette crepe which is filled with ham and cheese and potatoes. so good.
AND yet another dessert crepe. don't worry they're not both for me. one was kait's. these were literal dessert crepes. we got them after having eaten a complete crepe which is ham, cheese, and egg. the waiter is adorable (same place as banana split crepe man) and this was the decoration that he drew on our crepes. they're best french crepes! i almost felt bad eating it cause it was so cute, but then i got over it. so good.

alright, i'm sure you are all probably thinking i am going to have a sugar addiction by the time i get back to the states, and you're probably right but i'm okay with it!! it's a beautiful (not actually considering it's raining....) morning here in grenoble. not sure what to do with myself. it was marie's birthday party last night and there were 5 extra little girls here who spent the night. i scare them for some reason, every time i go downstairs they stare at me and whisper amongst themselves. so i'm for all intensive purposes hiding in my room so that marie can have a fun birthday party. it's really funny cause they all know that i'm their foreign student but for some reason that makes them stare at me. one walked into my room last night by accident and saw me and ran out after screaming slightly. was not aware i was that frightening!

okay then. i am going to make a move towards doing something, no idea what but something. have a wonderful weekend!!!