Sunday, December 18, 2011

Europe travels, Phase One

Hey All!

Sorry about the delay in writing, but things got a little hectic with the end of my program. sob. so sad that it's over. seriously never cried so much in such a short period of time. i think it started around 3 days before the end where i would just be doing something and i would tear up. the farewell dinner was a sob fest. when alex and i went to leave, and the hugs started, that's when the tears started flowing. it was bad. really really sad. but i'm doing better now, probably cause i've left grenoble so i'm not continually reminded that i'm still in france but none of my friends are.

on a more positive note, had a great last couple days with my host family. it was really fun introducing my mom to them and playing translator. it was so sad to leave them. more tears. but i'm now currently curled up under the covers in Dijon France! it's been a LONG trip getting here. we were going to rent a car but then they were just being car rental people and being stupid, so we decided to take the train to Chamonix, which was fine, expect for the fact that our second train was late so we missed our third train and had to hang out in an unheated train station for two hours. but we got there okay, and i was happy just to be inside a warm hotel and take a hot shower. Chamonix was gorgeous. the mountains are huge! it was however, like being thrust into winter. there was no snow in grenoble, there was around two feet in Chamonix. but it was gorgeous none the less. took lots of pictures of its prettiness. the real fun was this morning though when i stupidly got us on the wrong train. Whoops. instead of heading towards Chamonix and down the mountain, i got us on a train towards switzerland.... complete opposite direction of where we wanted to go. we then got off at the next stop like the conductor told us to but it wasn't the stop he wanted us to get off at, we got off at the optional stop and literally stood outside in the freezing cold for the next hour + waiting for the train. it was so cold and my feet felt like blocks of ice. but luckily the train came an hour later, same train actually, with the same conductor who was mortified that we had gotten off at the stop we had. but really i was just so grateful to be inside and out of the elements that i didn't even care that we had made a mistake. i spent the next 55 minute train ride pressing myself into the heater. after that, the rest of our voyage came fairly easily thank god. got into Dijon at 18:20, found our hotel with relative ease and then off to find some dinner!!! more later!

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  1. It is always sad saying goodbye to your close friend. But deep inside their is also excitement because we know that it is all for the better. Good luck to your Europe adventures!